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Wild Weaving Basket Workshop

Tuesday 22nd November, 6 PM until 9 PM, Clare's Craft Centre, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire

The ideal unique Christmas gift for you or another. Book a place in this creative workshop to produce your own stunning individual basket. With a choice of natural items to incorporate such as driftwood and nuts. Here are some ideas of what you would like your basket for maybe... The perfect unique Christmas hamper basket or other gift container. For the kitchen, ideal for vegetables and fruit, as air circulates well around them. Display to cast beautiful shadows when light pass's through it. To use daily for shopping. Or, maybe you would like to simply, learn skill's you can use and develop year after year! Find when and where to cut materials from creating something that is sustainable and environmentally friendly!

All materials included.

There are limited places for this very special workshop. Please contact Clare's Craft Centre for bookings.

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