Story Telling House

 The 'Story Telling House' was built using traditional Celtic round house process'. Bring history alive for  pupil's from Ysgol Meidrim.  They helped were   possible and learnt about it's materials and construction.

 A roof structure made out of ash and hazel was used to support the thatch.  Ash pegs were also made.  The wattle was made from willow and hazel. A living willow encloser was created with an arch. 

Designing and making a Site Specific Sculpture for you

Three Cliffs Bay, The Gower Costal Path Site Coast Path Site specific Sculpture. Come pay this wood carving a visit in the stunning Welsh landscape. To find out more click the link. 



Tina works closely with the client at each site specific commission, taking into consideration the location's landscape, history, special features and enhancing and protecting it's wildlife throughout the design process.

The sculptures become places to view wildlife, meeting places, places for the natural world to thrive or, to enhance outdoor play such as the Noah's Arch   

 Ecolistic's creates a verity of unusual and beautiful items from materials found locally in hedgerows and fields. Often, incorporating driftwood and other natural treasures. These hedgerow ergonomic basket are delicately lacy in appearance but, can be used for practical as well as decorative use. They are both lovely to carry and will cast beautiful shadows if hung against a wall.

Ideal for use shopping or, displaying perishables items such as fruit and vegetables. Custom orders can be requested To visit Ecolistic's online shop click the Read more button on left.

Commission for the Wales Coast PathWaymarker on Pendine Beach for Carmarthenshire Council Tourism

All the materials were found on site


Information on other commissions available please ask


History and Ordering

Wattle hurdles have been used since Celtic times to make portable pens to hold livestock and mark out areas for crops and used as screens. They were traditionally created by weaving sticks of hazel around poles to create a portable or, stationary barrier. 

Traditional and contemporary hurdles made to order. Designs created especially for you. Please ask for details.

'Strawberry Roan' was created in willow and dogwood.  Other animals and human figures available. Also, custom orders available on request. The sculpture can be designed especially for you.

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